About Us

Welcome to WellBEEing Benefits Consulting – where we believe in the power of partnership, the significance of mental health, and the critical role benefits play in creating a thriving, profitable workplace.

Who We Are

Founded by a Mental Health Specialist from Ocala, FL with a family legacy in the benefits business spanning over half a century, WellBEEing is a professional, woman-led consultancy. We stand apart in our field with our unique approach to employee benefits, blending traditional offerings with vital resources for mental and physical health. We’re not just another benefits provider – we’re your partners in fostering a healthy and productive workforce.

We’re proud to serve decision-makers who value the well-being of their employees. We offer a partnership that provides the revolutionary benefits that attract a modern workforce, as well as a multitude of additional services that nurture a company’s most valuable asset: its people.

At WellBEEing Benefits Consulting, we’re passionate about helping businesses thrive through the health and happiness of their employees. We work with you to achieve better workplace well-being. Let’s create a buzz about benefits – together.



Our Mission

Our mission? To empower businesses with resources that fuel a mentally and physically healthy workforce. By focusing proactively on well-being, we help support a productive, stable, and profitable workplace. This approach is central to our work with our primary audience: A wide array of businesses, their HR departments, and non-profit organizations.

Our Core Values

We see our work as an investment in the future of every business we partner with. Our ideal partner is a business that recognizes the power of benefits to attract and retain outstanding employees. We’re excited to connect with decision-makers ready to explore a partnership that goes beyond standard benefits, enhancing employee productivity, retention, and morale – all for the exact cost they are currently paying.