Revolutionizing Employee Benefits with Benefits+

Choosing the Benefits+ package from WellBEEing Benefits Consulting means investing in a revolutionary approach that bolsters both employee well-being and business productivity.

More than your conventional benefits package, Benefits+ extends beyond the basics, encompassing a broad range of offerings such as:

  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Employee Online Training Programs
  • HR Support Programs
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Care Reimbursement Accounts
  • Online Enrollment
  • COBRA Administration
  • Onsite Support 
  • And much more!

We believe in the potential of your employees, and that’s why we provide these invaluable services AT NO ADDITIONAL COST to you, supplementing the standard benefits. Our holistic approach not only ensures essential needs are met but also equips employees with the tools they need to enhance their productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-BEEing.

Benefit Administration

Our benefits management strategy can enhance employee productivity, retention, and morale — all for the same cost you are already paying for benefits alone.

Employee Wellness

Schedule a consultation to learn more about our year-round services and unique offerings. See what sets us apart from traditional benefits providers.

A mentally healthy work environment means success

Creating a supportive environment prioritizing mental health can significantly enhance an employee’s job satisfaction and performance. Here are some vital insights about mental health in the context of work:

  • Approximately one in five adults, or around 20%, experience signs of mental illness annually in the U.S.
  • 61% of respondents reported that their mental health affected their productivity.
  • Between 2014 and 2018, the proportion of workers with symptoms of depression increased by 18%.
  • 37% of workers said their work environment contributed to the mental health symptoms they experienced.
  • Mental health disorders and substance abuse issues cost U.S. employers between $79 and $105 billion a year in indirect costs.

 As stated by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), corporate wellness initiatives can assist businesses in identifying employees vulnerable to mental health concerns, linking them with appropriate mental health resources, and offering support that alleviates symptoms while promoting overall wellness.

Our Mission

We’re committed to providing unparalleled benefits solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs. 

Our mission is to proactively focus on providing the resources your staff needs to BEE the best versions of themselves. 

What You Get

Our Benefits+ package goes beyond standard employee benefits. 

We offer a range of valuable services that cater to the needs of today’s workforce.